evilmonkeyman Dec 24, 2012 @ 3:14am
Game doesn't work right/well (Windows 8)
my pc:
Windows 8
AMD Turion X2 64
Radeon HD 3850

Problem: On startup screen stays black for a while but I can use the mouse. After a about a min I hear a short tune, then the screen will either stay black or go in some grey mode (This seems to be the main menu, but I have no text or entries, nothing that I could click).

What I tried to do was:
1) Verify download - FAIL
2) Run in compatibilty mode (XP, 7) - FAIL
3) Edit config to ENABLE_MIPMAPPING = false - FAIL
4) Changed resolution in config to 800x600 - partly FAIL (Now I can see the menu, with a spinning black wheel, but it looks horrible and i cant even click anything)
5) Disabled v-sync and fullscreen mode - partly FAIL/partly WIN (Now I can play the game but it looks horrible and it's still not smooth)

I can't believe this is the only way to play this? Any other mighty ideas to fix?