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seawolven Apr 12, 2013 @ 12:44pm
Introduction and Support Team Overview
Hi everyone,

My name is Michael Gills and I wanted to introduce myself to you as I am taking over as the Community Manager from Solicest who has moved on to different role here at Microsoft. I’m excited to join the team and to help support the great work being done by Kittychix, Garmonbozia81, Ryz0n, Circi0, BarbarossaBlade, B1ueAng3L, Tecknix and MSIamPREZSTEVE. This team works hard to provide customer service, technical support, and community engagement for Age of Empires 2 HD, Age of Empires Online, Age of Empires III, Microsoft Flight, Microsoft Flight Simulator X, and Galactic Reign which keeps them all very busy!

Like most of you, I am a lifelong gamer and can even tell stories about playing Dungeons & Dragons before there were polyhedral dice (picture chits everywhere). Before coming to Microsoft though, I spent the last 15 years supporting a lot of strategy games like the Pokemon TCG, Avalon Hill board games, Magic: The Gathering and Magic Online, and the original Guild Wars in a variety of roles. Regardless of my title though, my focus has always been on building and expanding the intersection between games and gamers.

I look forward to working with “Team Scrappy” (our unofficial name) to continue to support and grow the communities on these great games. And watch for upcoming questionnaires and polls to help us learn what types of community events and programs you’d like to see in the future. We are, after all, here to support our mutual love of these games.

May all your skies be friendly :)

Michael Gills (seawolven)
Community Manager
Community & Online Support
Customer Service & Support (CSS)
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