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Kittychix Dec 31, 2012 @ 12:46am
FAQ: "Finding the Product Key"
Q: Help! I've downloaded Flight and it's asking me for a Product Key, but I can't find it anywhere!!

First, try the following:
  • Close down Flight
  •  Re-launch the game
  •  Attempt to sign-in again
If there is a 5x5 key already entered into the product key window, just click I accept and then the Submit button.  This should log you in.  If that still does not give you a valid product key, do the following to manually retrieve a key: 
  •  Go to
  •  Click the Buy Game FREE button
  •  Select Confirm Purchase (this is a free transaction and won’t cost anything)
  •  Open up the Games for Windows Marketplace Client on your PC (found under Start-> All programs -> Games for Windows Marketplace)
  •  Sign into the Marketplace Client with your GFWL / Xbox LIVE account
  •  Click the Downloads tab
  •  Click Microsoft Flight from the list
  •  Click View Game Keys
  •  Copy the LIVE Access Code
  •  Open Flight
  •  Sign-in again
  •  If still asked for a Product Code, enter the LIVE Access Code you copied in step 9
  •  Click "I accept" and Submit

If neither of these attempts generate a product key, email us directly at and we can move on to the next step. We will ask for verification that you have attempted these steps first, so to save time, please confirm you have done so in your initial email!
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