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Stealth1304 Jan 24, 2013 @ 12:40am
Sale anytime soon?
Does anyone know if there will be a sale anytime soon? I want to buy the Hawaiian Starter Bundle, Carbon Cub Deluxe, and Alaskan Wilderness but they are too expensive for me right now.
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Stealth1304 Jan 28, 2013 @ 1:38am 
Since I have made this post, I have been doing some research and found aerofly FS. I have realized I would rather spend my money with a game that is not cancelled. I am sorry but I have realized that new aerocaches are not going to keep me instrested in this game. I have also found what they are developing for aerofly FS.

Dear aerofly FS Users,

we know, lots of you out there are eager to know what our roadmap for a successor to aerofly FS is and if we continue to develop a new version at all.

Well, the short answer is yes, we are working on the next big version of aerofly FS. But to take aerofly FS to the next level we have to work on quite a few things and we also have to redesign some core elements. But this all takes quite some time.

This post is intended to give a rough overview on whats planned for the next version and what we are currently working on. We might periodically update this post with an updated status or new screenshots, however this information is by no means complete and we reserve the right to remove or add some features.

And please don't ask us for any further details. We would like to put our focus on the development. We will release the next version when we decide, that its worth it. We think too much software these days is released way too early just to hold a planned release date. Our intention is to develop a great flight simulator and this is more important to us than providing updates on a regular basis! We also would like to keep our high quality level, e.g. fast loading times, finely detailed aircraft and easy of use even for the novice user.

So here are the features we put our main focus on right now:

New aircraft with more cockpit functionality
Support for navigation features like ILS, VOR, ...
Support for larger areas, e.g. we will switch to a new coordinate system
Support for dynamic time of day changes
Multiplayer support
Open aerofly FS for developers so they can add their own content

Here is a steam link
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