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bazwold555 29 set 2012, ore 16:19
just downloaded game but cannot control the cursor! moves all over the place (default to the right). what's the procedure? do i assume the download is corrupted and do it again? having a hell of a job getting to ask a question; site seems to be corrupt; logins not working etc..
any advice welcomed; thanks
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bazwold555 30 set 2012, ore 15:50 
...figured it out; have to play in 'window mode'
any use to anybody?!
Rezaa 21 nov 2012, ore 13:57 
Hi bazwold555,

This bug can occur if you have not the default Display DPI settings on Windows (96 dpi).
Look at your DPI settings ( and if it is not on 100% (96DPI), test with this configuration :)

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