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Dear Esther: Secrets and More
by mrmusicallion
Most who wander upon this odd isle, may find themselves somewhat stumped. In response to this, I have written this guide. Perhaps you might agree with me; and perhaps you might not. We shall see. So, without further ado; let us explore the depths.....
Dear Esther MLG 2013 xXxPro_SpeedrunzxXx Guide
by Batts
With my #1 speedrun time and MLG cred, a lot of people have been asking me "Batts, how the hell did you make it through the game so fast?". Well, in this guide I reveal the secrets of getting the fastest times through all 4 levels of gameplay, and expert ...
Русификатор Dear Esther
Руководство о русификации Dear Esther ...
Dear Esther | How to Tweak
by Binaryrifle | Mapping
With this guide, you are going to tweak Dear Esther for making it more beautiful ;)...
[EN / FR] All Levels Walkthrough / Guide complet des niveaux
by TheKido
This guide show you all levels walkthrough. Thanks to JorisCeoen for all videos [Français] Ce guide vous donne la solution complète de tout les niveaux du jeu. Merci à [ur...
[Tutorial] Cómo poner el audio en español
by SillyWalk
Una sencilla guía que explica cómo poner el audio en español...
Hidden Message in Dear Esther
by 2,499.9 hours past 2 weeks
This guide will show you how to find the hidden message in Dear Esther...
[60 fps]Dear Esther [Türkçe Altyazılı]
by Ragarnol
Oyun 60 fps ve 1080p' de kayıt edilmiştir. 1 saatte biten bir oyun olması sebebiyle ara bir vakitte izlenebilirliği olan bir videodur. Videolarımda sesli konuşma özelliği koymuyorum. Videolarımı beğenirseniz kanalıma üye olabilir ve gelecek o...
[60 fps]Dear Esther Walkthrough
by Ragarnol
Dear Watcher; Thank you for visiting my guide. You will not be disappointment. :) Here is full walkthrough of Dear Esther. This walkthrough is 1080p-60fps and without commentary. If you like my guides, you can: -[url=
How to beat Dear Esther.
by Urghat
This is a helpful guide for those of you who get stuck while playing Dear Esther....