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Smig 11 ноември 2012 в 4:51след.
Not really a game
I have contradictory feelings about this game. The first, and the potential source of many arguments, is that this isn't a game. Or in other words, it shouldn't have been released as a game. The second, which I think is unanimous, is that this is a very good piece of art.

We could get into a philosophical debate about what it means for something to be a game, but instead, let me just tell you about my experience:

I saw a video about this game and thought it was pretty interesting. I bought it on Steam and ran it. I explored that first house and thought it was weird that there was nothing to "do" in it. I wouldn't have wasted so much time inside if I had realized I wasn't supposed to find things to pick up, or buttons to press, or notes to read, etc. I felt a little frustrated because I didn't know if I was missing something but eventually carried on. Then I walked around the beach and spent 15 mins trying to get to some rocks that I wasn't supposed to get to.

Then I closed the game and played a walkthrough on youtube. I put down the controller, sat back on the couch and had a great experience for 50 mins.

So this is the thing, there's nothing in this "game" that benefits from a controller. The confusion that will set in when you're looking for things to do in places where there is nothing to do; the time wasted due to misdirection caused by the map and your expectations; and the requirement to press the required keys/buttons to slowly navigate a linear map, it all detracts from the experience. Simply put, the ideal way to experience this is by "watching" it, and if the author had put together his own "walkthrough" then you'd be sure to get the intended experience with none of the drawbacks of thinking about it as a game.

I suspect the choice of the medium has to do with some sort of difficulty monetizing this in some other way. Still, great work! Not wasted money at all, even though I ended up watching this on youtube. Had I not bought the game, the author wouldn't be compensated for his work so I'd encourage you to buy it even if you do watch it elsewhere.
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