Dear Esther

Dear Esther

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An Experience
This game is pretty much an interactive and immersive book! Playing this game was quite the experience and something I'd defiantly love to see more of. The graphics are absolutely stunning especially for a source engine game, It was presented in such a way that I can... relate to... but cannot explain. The way the story was told kept pushing me to explore further and deeper, I wanted to know what was here, what happened on the motorway, who was Esther. Don't doubt yourself getting this game for £6.99 you might think twice but it's definitely something to be seen, heard... something to be... experienced...
Or if you really like photography.
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LoneWolfDon 9. Nov. 2012 um 19:24 Uhr 
Though it was short in duration to play-through, and I wished there was some interactivity (a setting like this could make for a great adventure type game I think), regardless I still enjoyed it and exploring the surroundings. Quite scenic and with a moody atmosphere. (PS: If you look closely in some areas / scenes, you are not always "alone".. you may catch fleeting glimpses, and sounds, of... something... something watching you or following.) ;)
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Whoa I didn't know that.I'll have to give it another shot.

I guess I was thinking in the wrong mindset even though I was trying not to. There were lots of places I couldn't go and while it's odd in this case to say I'm "Stuck" in chapter 2... I can't find anywhere else new to go. I guess I'll just keep looking and be more patient.
LoneWolfDon 11. Nov. 2012 um 2:04 Uhr 
Yes, there's 4 chapters, so if you feel "stuck", keep looking around and you should hopefully find a new path to go you hadn't discovered before. There were a few times I felt a bit "stuck" too (For example; down on the beach with the old derelict boat that had the writing on it. The correct path you need to go to leave that whole beach area can almost be a bit "hidden" at first. If you're on the side that you can read the writing on the boat and facing it "Nor did he eat nor drink" I think it was and you can see the big hole in the side of the boat, the correct path to exit the beach area would be more to your left side then, not the path going up the side of the hill/cliff.. though... you might see "something" else there ;).

As for the "something" watching and following you that you can sometimes catch glimpses of.. Well, sometimes you'll see it more clearly in your "peripheral vision" (if you look more "direct" at it, it seems to "disappear" or hide... *Hint; One place you might see it.. inside the initial lighthouse... go in and look-up, and the "something" is looking down at you from the top of the lighthouse stairs you before it hides. It gave me a bit of a jump when I seen it looking at me, then it quickly disappeared, and I heard some noises from it too. There's other places you'll see it too if you look carefully. Also, several times throughout exploring various locations you'll hear it making noises too.. and, you may also catch other glimpses of it).

Sometimes you'll also see a bird fly out of some area you're at (and it can surprise you as well).. In a way it's sort of a "guide" to follow, as I think it tends to fly in the direction or general area you might want to be heading to next.
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