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Ighten Oct 16, 2012 @ 2:40pm
Interesting start
Reading through the forums there are two quite distinct lines of thought and I find myself oddly agreeing with many of the points from bith sides. I think what Esther lacks is an interaction with the environment BUT and its a big but - that interaction should not be down to opening doors or solving silly puzzles - in fact i dont know whats needed but the developer is on the right track and I hope this spurs him/them on to better things.

Personally one thought does come to me.. Perhaps the actions of the "avatar" should somehow affect more of the outcome wether its simply because you notice things and look at them - or explore in more detail a ceratin route. Perhaps there should be the possibility that you dont quite make it to your destiny if you dont simply absorb whats happening.

Anyway I loved it and it left me with many thoughts (it reminded me of an old spectrum game called ID) but I also now have a frustration of feeling it was over far two quickly and an element of "something" was missing.

CAnt wait to see what comes next from this dev.

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Fant Oct 18, 2012 @ 8:50am 
Yeah, the lack of interaction seems to bother a lot of people. Didn't really bother me. Opening doors could've actually been a good addition, since houses don't even seem to have doors now, and that's a bit odd. But apart from that I think a lot of interactive things would've taken away from the story and atmosphere. I was glad I didn't have to look for hidden doors, latches and secrets everywhere, cause I knew there weren't any. I like it when videogames make me forget they are videogames :)
ChikenKannon Oct 18, 2012 @ 9:29am 
There's alot more that could have been done, but without a goal in mind it's hard to feel motivated. I just sort of wandered around looking at things going "Yep, that's what the narrator mentioned", or "Oh, there's that thing". At first, I was really immersed as I explored and poked my nose around, but eventually I just got annoyed by the hassle of backtracking to see a path I'd missed. But by far my biggest complaint was the loading screens, nothing brings immersion to a screeching halt is waiting for a bar to fill up. There are four levels, and a majority of them could have been altered by just putting a simple looping video overtop of the loading screen. Sliding down the hole into the caves? Black screen, sound of slipping and scraping along the tunnel. IMMERSION RETAINED.
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