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Ultimate lol 2012年10月15日 5時20分
Could someone make a Dutch subtitle pack
In the very beginning the developers said someone was already working on it. I waited for a long time but it appears its never gonna come out :(
I was hoping to use it to play this games with my parents which are not fluent enough in english to follow it propperly.
I don't expect much from this but who knows.
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Fant 2012年10月18日 8時44分 
Do you have a tutorial on how to make a subtitle pack anywhere? I'm quite familiar with the English language and do a lot of writing in Dutch. And I LOVE Dear Esther, so I might be willing to do this if it's as simple as changing lines in a text file :)
Fant 2012年10月18日 9時39分 
Nevermind, found out myself! Working on it now :) Even though it's obviously gonna be harder than I thought to not lose any of the magic of Dear Esther on the translation.
Ultimate lol 2012年10月18日 12時09分 
Good to know someone is willing. It's obviously gonna take a while but I'm not in a hurry.
I have waited since the release so I can wait longer no problem.
werecat007 2012年11月22日 19時30分 
I would be willing to do audio in dutch. I'm teaching myself dutch in my spare time, I could take a stab at it if Joseph Stalin wanted to write me a script.
Ultimate lol 2012年11月23日 2時02分 
Dutch audio would be cool for some people. Just take in mind that Dutch is not a very deep mysterious language. Even we prever subbing over dubbing for most things we watch or play.
Fant 2012年11月23日 9時32分 
I'm still working on it! Going very slow though, since I'm working on lots of other things too :) Have no idea how to interchange audio though, and like Ultimate lol says, us Dutchmen hate dubbing, for a good reason. The Germans dub everything and it's completely ridiculous and hilarious. We don't want to turn DE into a laugh-fest though!
Ultimate lol 2012年11月23日 10時49分 
Good to hear you are still working on it. Take your time. For a project like this it is more importand to get it right instaid of fast.
werecat007 2012年11月25日 9時14分 
The dutch languge does not generally lend itself to smooth sounding poetry.
Ultimate lol 2013年2月10日 7時18分 
Any news on this. I'd still like a Dutch subtitle pack
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orgonist 2013年8月7日 9時36分 
did some1 make this or is it still not availible
Ultimate lol 2013年8月7日 9時37分 
Not that I know of. Havn't checked in a while though.
orgonist 2013年8月7日 9時44分 
im searching it right now for the sis of my girlfriend she dosenth know english and she wants to see the game in entirely
Fant 2013年8月7日 10時36分 
Oh god, I suck at keeping promises. Still have this around somewhere on my HD, probably 10 to 20% done. I'll start working on it again :) Sorry for the huuuuuge delay. Can't promise it's going to be high quality. It's pretty much poetry, and poetry is extremely hard to translate.
*puts on Dear Esther soundtrack and goes to work*
最近の変更はFantが行いました; 2013年8月7日 10時37分
Fant 2013年8月7日 13時16分 
Status update. Worked on this for an hour or two now, and am sick of it for today. There are 113 lines of dialogue to translate if I'm correct, and I'm now at 51 done, leaving me with a little over half to do later :) I'll do the rest over the coming week (probably tomorrow). Should be done and fixed of most mistakes within two weeks. Will keep you posted!
Ultimate lol 2013年8月7日 15時17分 
Is it just a matter off finishing the translation now? Or do you still need to find out how to port them to the game as well?
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