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thejoyrider 17 септември 2012 в 2:09 следобед
Dear Esther or Dear Esther Sequel to PC and Console?
Yay or nay?
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tagz_flood55 17 септември 2012 в 2:39 следобед 
I would personally love to see another installment of this endeavor. But I am not going to push it for the developers who probably have a lot of other things they would like to be doing instead of this. It can be a very time-consuming and caffeine-driven process and should be pursued only when you have the patience level of a monk.
@tila 20 септември 2012 в 1:38 следобед 
This is the game which is based on the concept of Dear Esther:
Check it :)
j.w.yergan 26 септември 2012 в 2:36 сутринта 
Absolutely Yes, or Yay to use your terminology. This story-telling was so cool. It was realaxing, soothing, frightening, and gripping in a perfect harmony. It's different from other games I've played and I think the utilization of the same kind of gameplay and story-telling would be fantastic to see pulled off again.
Just to let you know though TheJoyRider, there is a game that looks and feels similiar, save for the use of an action menu and an inventory system. It's called Anna. It's more horror based and doesn't seem to be as large a game, but it does seem to have a similar style. You should give it at least a look see.
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Sensual Pokemon Gangbang 30 октомври 2012 в 7:01 следобед 
I don't think I would want a sequel to this game, but I would love to have them make more games like this, with a different story. I just don't think the story of Dear Esther lends itself to another installment very well.
Viglus 21 ноември 2012 в 8:29 следобед 
thechineseroom are working on a new game Everybody's Gone To Rapture, I don't think a direct sequel of Dear Esther. Similar, but with more interactivity.
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Vic 2 февруари 2013 в 1:26 следобед 
Ew, no. Dear Esther begins and ends with the Narrator's death (though the exact moment the Narrator died is, of course, entirely debatable). There can be no sequels, nor prequels, since no one can seriously propose that wandering around deserted wastelands in a dying, painkiller-induced stupor, while endlessly repeating the same repetitive, delirious fragments of his scribbled diaries is actually a hobby for the Narrator.

That said, Everybody's Gone To Rapture is definitely a spiritual successor to Dear Esther, and personally, I'm really looking forward to it!
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sreamer17ydr 3 февруари 2013 в 4:51 сутринта 
The devlopers are making two games, one with Frictional Games (Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs) and another title coming out this summer, made by Dear Esther developers only, called, Everybody's Gone to the Rapture, which is a spiritual successor to Dear Esther!
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