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Dear Esther

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The Jos 2013年1月4日下午1:00
Tribute to Dear Esther

First sorry for my english I’m french

I 'm musician and I composed a tribute to your game "Dear Esther".
In fact my second passion is the videogame and I particulary appreciate "Dear Esther".
This game is innovative and have a fantastic atmosphere, it inspired me a lot.
So I decided to compose a small piece to describe my feeling after playing "Dear Esther".
Follow this link to hear the composition : here[]
I also wrote a text (only a try to facilitate the work of composition). You can read it below.

I hope you enjoy this piece..

Best regards

For more informations about me (Music And Adrenaline)

Sound Cloud[]
Youtube channel
Web Site[]

To Esther's fathers.

So strange is my feeling today.
I'll never forget,
This journey through one of your dreams,
Through one of my dreams.

Beauty and sweet mystery,
This bright hypnotic loneliness,
I breathed the calm of your island...
I played the game.

Somewhere at the crossroads of seas,
Where spirits wander.
The split had been opened for long,
Long before the game.

I walked along the trails of mist,
And explored the fantastic caves,
Got lost in your eternity,
I played the game (again).

I remember whispering ghosts.
When I looked at the red light
My soul floated in the sky...
I dreamt the game again.

Christophe BELLIERES
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The Jos 2013年1月4日下午11:32 
Do not hesitate to give me your first impressions....
Silent 2013年1月5日下午11:50 
Just played through this game for the first time, made my life complete haha. Never played the mod or anything. SOOO GOOD, made me cry at the end, so beautiful. I love the lyrics so muchhh ^___^
Silent 2013年1月5日下午11:52 
Beautiful composition aswell <3
Greedsin 2013年1月6日上午3:46 
Loved it.
The Jos 2013年1月6日上午4:29 
Thank for your comments, I m very happy to see that you like the song and the lyrics...

Thank a lot...
最后由 The Jos 编辑于; 2013年1月6日上午4:30
DIMICH 2013年1月10日上午3:47 
Great music! Thanks!
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