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Solzerid 2012年11月29日 22時32分
a motorway
like a motorway
motorway motorway motorway

Very pretty game! I felt the dialogue was very amateur though, and that's unacceptable considering that the narrative and looks are the only points to the game.
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ein 2012年12月3日 20時46分 
The word you're looking at is frou-frou. Foppish, affected, cloying. It reminded me of self-absorbed, faux-gothic industrial fluff from the 1980s - Death in June, In the Nursery, Black Tape for a Blue Girl. Ah, memories...

Brittle and overblown it was, and desperately light. Perhaps it was this that finally did for him, unable to contain the shattering of his heart. In halflight, his skeleton a discarded prop, a false and calcified seabird.

Like being waterboarded with sangria.
Solzerid 2012年12月6日 20時53分 
Yeah that description fits very well. I was more referring to the annoying repetition of certain words and themes that made it feel very forced.
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