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Harry -_- 2012年11月29日 5時38分
dont understand what the guy is talking about
ive played all 4 chapters and at the end i dont understand am i surposed to understand what the guy was talking about or am i surposed to just work out what i think it is?
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9mm, Safety Always Off 2012年11月30日 15時18分 
Since the narrator's discussions and "letters" are ambiguous (I noticed a couple times how he contridicted himself, or it seemed like he was talking about one person when he really meant another), it's really up to you to decide what happened. That's what I like about it, though - it takes video gaming to a really artistic level.
Fluttershy 2012年12月18日 17時09分 
The narrator was drunk driving and Esther was in the car with him. The narrator crashed the car and Esther died; it's the narrator's biggest regret about his life, and he ruminates about it whene he's all alone and facing his own mortality.
Harry -_- 2012年12月18日 23時51分 
cheers i knew it was something about drink driving
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