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SlickShoes 2013年3月13日 12時29分
Problems saving?
I have started this game 4 times now, made to mid way through chapter 2 each time, saved the game using the corresponding F key. When I load the game up next time I am back at the start and have to slog through the same stuff again, anyone got any ideas?
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SlickShoes 2013年3月13日 12時46分 
To fix the game not loading your save just do it manually, start the game by going here and clicking on your save C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\Dear Esther\dearesther\SAVE
snugglor 2013年3月14日 5時58分 
Are you hitting the quick load button? Every time you start it automatically brings you to the very beginning, but by hitting the load key (F6, I think), it'll bring you to your save point.
SlickShoes 2013年3月14日 6時18分 
F7 is the quick load button, pressing it does nothing, quicksave F6 works fine though.
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