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TorriderKnave43 Apr 9, 2014 @ 8:56am
(SPOILER) Another Dear Esther speculation, please tell me what you think about it
I thought about another possible theory about the ending of Dear Esther: the narrator and the player are actually the same person, and the narrator is actually Esther's husband. Esther is dead in a car accident, and looking to those ecography, it is possible she was pregnant. But in one of the two possible ending scripts, the narrator says that "Esther is like a nest [...] in whice eggs unbroken form like fossils". The broken eggs appear frequently in the game, and many people thought it's because Esther lost both her life and the one of the unborn baby during the car accident. But the eggs, the narrator says, are unbroken, and they "form like fossils": does it means that Esther's son was already dead at the time of the accident? Probably Esther and her husband knew it, from the moment he suggests he had gone to pick up Esther from somewhere, and when he saw her she had her last drink in her hand; maybe she was indeed drunken for the news, and the narrator too. Esther's husband sometimes speaks of the drunken driver as he was talking about himself, and near the end he says HE was not drunken. Is this a way he tries non to feel guilty? If Esther was his wife, why did he had to STEAL her ashes, as he often says? Maybe he wasn't welcome there, because he was drunk at the time of the accident. Also, I think is possible that Paul actually had a heart attack, maybe caused by a gull that was flying low. The narrator tries, for years, to blame Paul or a break failure for the accident, when he and Esther caused it due to the shock for the death of the baby while she was already pregnant; when she checked this, she called her husband to pick her up from the hospital, and returning they had their car to crash with Paul's one. This is why the narrator identifies with Paul, because he was convinced for so much time he was to blame for that deadly mistake; Paul and the narrator are like Jakobson, a poor shepard who wanter a good life, and suddenly he died for a fall in the darkness (the accident); Esther is like Donnely, both with a great deal on their own (Donnely was writing a History of Hebrides, she was carrying a baby in her belly), but then all their expectations vanished (Donnely couldn't find the hermit's bones, she lost her baby) and both started self-destroying (Donnely became a drug addicted and she was drunk like her husband, so she couldn't help him avoding the accident).

That's it, this is my own interpretation of Dear Esther. Tell me what do you think about it. English is not my native language, so if there's anything that is not clear, ask me and I'll try to explain you better.
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forsakable May 5, 2014 @ 12:41pm 
Hey ur english is great and that was a really good interpretation. I think our combined ideas would make a lot of sense out of this story. I interpreted that the narrator/character we play is Donnelly. He writes to Esther and Esther's last name is Donnelly. It's safe to assume they were married the player/narrator is Esther's husband. The wreck happened so suddenly Donnelly was forced into limbo. He has a burden constantly on his mind of killing Esther in the wreck on top of such a sudden death, and it is impeding the process of accepting his own death. He often compares himself with "Donnelly" saying that, Donnelly's syphilis tore through his system like a drunk driver. He also mentions carrying Donnelly's dead weight, which is the pain of killing the one he loved, Esther, that crossed over with him. In the same quote he says Donnelly attempts to deny the guilt by saying he wasn't drunk, it's not his fault, that was his denial that impeded on allowing him to move to his after life. In other monologue he mentions Donnelly burning all of his belongings, and at the end the narrator also mentions burning his own belongings as well. There are many parallels between the narrator and Donnelly which leads me to believe that he is Donnelly but in his state of limbo he is not completely self aware. The final scene we see him jump off the cliff and then he takes flight and we see the shadow of a bird flying. This is symbolic of his ascent, his acceptance, that finally allows him to move on to his after life.
TorriderKnave43 May 6, 2014 @ 10:54am 
It's a good interpretation, but if the narrator remains trapped in the limbo just after the crash, he surely couldn't have talked with Paul, as he tells many time on his to the ascension... I still think the island is real, and I believe the narrator actually commits suicide; all those unreal things like the pile of trashed Donnely's books are just symbols used in the game to show us the broken mind of the narrator. Still it's possible that everything was metaphoric, and the island exists only in the head of the narrator. It's also possible that the ascension represents the liberation from guilt, as you say, but I'm not sure he is in a limbo. If he is, it couldn't be there due to car crash. Maybe it's in limbo for his kidney stones? Something went wrong in the operation theatre after the car accident? I can't say, since he doesn't seem to mention any operation after Esther's death...
forsakable May 8, 2014 @ 11:49am 
Well by limbo I mean existing in between the after life and the living. I had heard that people who die suddenly (like the car crash in this case) experience an in between stage where they haven't yet accepted their death so they linger until they find the proper guidance. Candles and incense are usually used to guide the wandering spirit to it's afterlife. That's true about Paul though. I guess I figured Paul hadn't literally been visited while the narrator was on the island though, it was more of a memory he was recalling to. The island seems uninhabited so it's very unlikely Paul was literally there for him to meet with regardless of this taking place in this semi-after life phase or if the island was real. It's a tough game to unravel with all of it's abstract monologue and such, but it's fun to discuss! :D
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TorriderKnave43 May 21, 2014 @ 2:26pm 
It's clear that Paul isn't on the island, and that the narrator visits him while he was still on the mainland. It's also suggested that Paul died for heart-attack before the narrator came to the island.
forsakable May 25, 2014 @ 12:23pm 
It's very likely that there isn't really a solid story to this game. The game is so abstract it seems like it is more of a symbolic journey we get to experience first hand that's meant to envelope the players in this emotional state of mind. He brings up many different concepts throughout the game and the environments all hold a similar mood, but with different parts of his complex. Most of it is so vague though we are only left to believe what our minds put together and the rest is just a mystery.
TorriderKnave43 May 25, 2014 @ 3:27pm 
Very true mate, and this is surely one of the reasons because this game is so wonderful...
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