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Staplehead 2013年9月11日 14時30分
Independent Factions
I was recently playing one of the Pagan Leiges in CK II and after some time nearly every couple months a new Independent Faction would for even if they had a high opinion of me. Is there something specific that i did to cause this?

Thank you.
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Steve Saint James 2013年9月11日 14時41分 
Vassals will still create and join factions even with a high opinion of you. I think it needs to be 75 or higher for them not to, but I've had vassals with 100 opinion of me join factions so I could be wrong.
srs bsns 2013年9月11日 15時31分 
If vassals with high opinions are plotting against you, check to see if you are direct liege to a lesser vassal that should belong to them. (you may have aquired vassalage of a holding or county without realising it, or forgot to grant it to them in the first place)
If you infringe someones de jure rights, theyre going to pursue what ever options they have to claim them.
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Staplehead 2013年9月11日 15時41分 
ah thank you for your answers, i will look further into this in future games. Thank you.
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