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New Update questions
First question:
Seeing as this update just released today, Is this update automatically on my game or do I have to update it personally? I am not sure seeing as my Launcher says the update is available.

Second Question relates to MP:
My friends and I started a Multiplayer game yesterday on Version 1.101 and seeing as this update just happened today, Will this update 1.102 ruin our Multiplayer saved game that was on Verson 1.101 or will the game just run on the new Update of 1.102?

Third Question:
I haven't bought The Old Gods yet but I am thinking on it. Seeing as My Multiplayer game started with all DLCS but TOG, if I bought TOG and reloaded the MP save will TOG be apart of that save or will I have to start a whole new game for TOG to be brought into it?

Thank you for those who take the time to reply to this :)
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la_nague Jun 25, 2013 @ 5:11pm 
1: If you have steam update enabled (its defaulted to enabled), then you will always have the the newest version of a game on steam. Thats what you pay for here on steam.

2:New patch should not break saves, only big patches for a new DLC tend to do that.

3:You allready have the gameplay from the old gods (its included in patch 1.10.0 for free), i think. Buying the old gods only makes you able to play pagans and play the new starting date, which doesnt affect your save.
Nats Jun 26, 2013 @ 1:47am 
1. You might have to restart your Steam or set your updates for the game to be done automatically.

2. The new update didnt affect my saved game.

3. You can always turn off Old Gods and any other DLC/expansion in the first window when the game starts. As long as everyone has updated the game to the latest patch though there shouldnt be any issues.

You should get the DLC as well for Old Gods and the Celts - they are really good. I love the variety of units that there is in this game with all the DLC.
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