Swag Master D 20. kesä, 2013 10.25
Installing Mods
I'm not sure whether my computer is just bad and should feel bad, or if I'm just being stupid.
I recenetly got the Matter of Britain Mod , and unzipped it to the [username]/MyDocuments/ParadoxInteractive/CrusaderKingsII/mod folder. When I launch CK, it's available in the launcher as a start up option, and it's able to launch okay, showing up the title.
Now, when it comes to Initializing Map Logic, it just sits there for ages. As in, I let it run for an hour and nothing has progressed. I've also let it run for two more occasions for around 45 minutes each, also with no result, just staying at the Initializing Map Logic screen as my hourglass rotates.
Although I'm fine just playing vanilla, I would like to still play some mods. Is this a problem with my computer (it's a 4 year old laptop), or because the mod is for 1.091, when CK is now at 1.101?
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RolliePollie 20. kesä, 2013 12.05 
Most likely the mod
la_nague 20. kesä, 2013 17.09 
CK2 got a big update, the 1.10 version is much different, the mod needs to be updated.
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