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Kataphract 2013年2月21日 17時03分
can't usurp Brittany
Playing as France
Trying to form Empire of Francia
Just taken 4/6 provinces of the Duchy of Brittany
Want to usurp the Duchy to get enough % to form the Empire
It says "Cannot usurp this title before 24 June, 1085"
It is now 24 July....... and I still can't usurp :(
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markdb92 2013年2月21日 18時17分 
If you can form the Kingdom that the dutchy is part of you can declare war on them to take the land. If your one of those Op republics you can delcare war on each city on each county and get them that way.
+ULFBERH+T 2013年2月21日 22時54分 
If there is a truce between you and the title holder, you have to wait until the truce expires.
Dreadkill 2013年2月22日 10時12分 
You can´t usurp it because you need to have Celtic culture, I think.
Nef 2013年2月22日 13時17分 
Dreadkill の投稿を引用:
You can´t usurp it because you need to have Celtic culture, I think.

That was my first thought too, then I realised - that's for the Kingdom; culture doesn't affect whether or not you can usurp Duchies.
BMN 2013年2月23日 15時27分 
If you're trying to form Francia, it's actually pretty hard. Do you have a kingdom outside of France? you'll need one.
Btw, how much % do you actually need to form Francia? I couldn't find it on the wiki...
Nef 2013年2月23日 15時41分 
It's usually 80% for Empires, I can't imagine Francia would be different.
BraveLunatic 2013年2月24日 2時13分 
Usurping before a particular date is tricky. You can't usurp at the exact date... you'll have to wait a few more days... I don't why that is so, but that has been my observation in my games.
最近の変更はBraveLunaticが行いました; 2013年2月24日 2時13分
Kataphract 2013年2月25日 14時21分 
simple solution, i misread the year :P
It was 1084 and i had to wait til 1085
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