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Infernal Machine [NGC] 2013年2月21日 14時45分
Good Starting Countries?
I already know about Ireland, but after i play a game with them what are some of the better countries to play? Ireland is kind of boring gameplay wise. I have all the DLC, and I was thinking of Scotland, Sweden, Denmark, or Norway. Are these good countries to start in or are there better ones?
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+ULFBERH+T 2013年2月21日 14時46分 
Define good. :P

Isle of Man seems to be a very challenge country to start.
Infernal Machine [NGC] 2013年2月21日 14時50分 
+ULFBERH+T の投稿を引用:
Define good. :P

Isle of Man seems to be a very challenge country to start.
easier to start out in, decently powerful, and has many gameplay options open to them. I dont want something small and weak with a very difficult start, such as the isle of man or any of the spainish countries, but i dont want to have a super hard to manage powerhouse such as the Holy Roman Empire or the byzantine empire. i want a country right in the middle, and fairly balanced.
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PSXfiles 2013年2月21日 16時11分 
Galicia, Leon, and Castille are always fun. All coniving brothers. There's usually lots of backstabbing and other shinanigans.
Thundercomet 2013年2月21日 16時19分 
The Russian Dukes are great fun as well. You can do quite a bit, given how you're all related up there. Of course, later on the Mongols will arrive, but if you're quick enough, you could fight them off.
Infernal Machine [NGC] 2013年2月21日 16時56分 
So would sweden, denmark, or norway, be good choices or no? Are they hard to play?
herman3607 2013年2月21日 17時29分 
I'm a fan of the area that you can turn into Sicily. Not so big that you get lost, but not so small that you only have one or two counties to play with
markdb92 2013年2月21日 18時19分 
You can start as one of the republics and take over map easy
DostThouEvenHoist 2013年2月21日 21時02分 
Playing as a Russian duke was by far the funnest playthrough for me. Once you get a kingdom, it's easy to vassalize your brothers then holy way for the rest of the land.
Lunar Havoc 2013年2月22日 3時20分 
I agree with everyone who said Russia, playing a Novgorod is a lot of fun.
krunk14 2013年2月22日 8時39分 
i like playing Hungary or Poland and even France
Angel 2013年2月22日 16時41分 
since you asked about norway then i will answer. My first games were with norway and it is fairly challenging. You start the game fighting 2 fronts: england and normandie. However, if you plan ahead you can gain england out of the war. Therefore, if you conquer england then yes it is a good start. If you do not, i do not think so. Norway stay relatively poor throughtout the game in manpower , technology and money. Your only option would be to conquer pagan countries and scandinavia which is not too easy but doable.
In conclusion, if you want to play normway, go for it as long as you can manage it.
markdb92 2013年2月22日 21時09分 
Playing as republic of sweden ie his duke. This is nice start cause you can constanly declare war on everyone and help your ledige become a emperior so you can become a king. Since your not indepentent they cant get revenge on you lol for helping your boss. Making a lot trade posts also would raise money for your boss that he becomes kinda hostile to the nations next door.
zedoul 2013年2月23日 2時11分 
I recommend you Castile or Leon. As they are brotherhood countries and surrounded by Emirates, you will have a lot of events. That's really fun.
Clarynaa 2013年2月23日 16時00分 
Tuscany is okay, their place in hre is annoying at times. i also quite like Sweden
tHeCeLt21 2013年2月23日 21時33分 
Play as one of the welsh Duke perferably the stronger one (forgot its name) XD and the other duchy is fragmented and easy to take over
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