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aaronmv 2013年2月19日 15時26分
Imperial Succession issue
Ok so I created the Empire of Hispania in the year 1207. It was created with Agnatic Gavelkind laws, and so I waited 10 years to 1217 in order to change the law. I usurped the title King of Mauretania 3 years earlier in 1204.

For some reason I can't change the succession law to Elective even though I have ruled as emperor for 10 years (now a few weeks past the date I claimed the title), am at peace, have no internal wars going on, everyone has a positive opinion of me, and am not in a regency.

I can't change the laws for Mauretania either, even though I had the title 3 years earlier. So basically I am stuck without being able to change succession laws and getting stuck with a son I don't want as my heir.

Can anyone explain this? I have agnatic-cognatic elective set up in all of my other main titles (King of Leon, Galicia, Portugal and Navarra).
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Nef 2013年2月19日 16時40分 
When you mouse over the law change button, it should list the requirements with a red 'X' next to the ones you don't fulfil - what does it show when you try this? I'm guessing you already know this as you described the rules for changing succession pretty well, but I'm curious what it says.
aaronmv 2013年2月20日 8時41分 
It says that I haven't ruled for 10 years - the problem is that I have.

Anyway, apparently I had to wait a little longer than 10 years and then I was able to change it...weird but no more issues.
Nef 2013年2月20日 10時27分 
Don't forget it had to be 10 years to the day - there's no rounding! If you checked in 1217 but before the date of the 10th anniversary, it was too soon. You can see when you became ruler of a title by hovering mouse over the title shield in Laws screen - the date there is when the current ruler of the title took power.
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aaronmv 2013年2月20日 12時15分 
I know - my point is that I was checking after the 10th anniversary and it still wouldn't let me change any laws. It was several months after the anniversary that I was able to change the law...

Not a problem now, but somewhat ridiculous that it would do that as I would be screwed if my ruler died before it "decided" to kick in and realize I was past the 10 year anniversary.
Irontrunk 2013年2月25日 19時25分 
If you hover over the coat of arms on the left for the title you are talking about it will tell you the day you created/usurped the title.. You can also check the history tab to see specific dates
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