4gear Apr 23, 2013 @ 6:45am
JCBN vs KCBN Multiplayer problem
My brother and I just bought the game, but we can't start a LAN game because we have different versions of the game. Mine is KCBN and his is JCBN.
If we bought the game within minutes of each other, why do we have different versions and what can we do about it?
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sounds like a wooosh Apr 23, 2013 @ 7:52am 
Both should be JCBN. It's not really a version - it's a checksum.
I think you can go with the right mouse button on the game in Steam and select
Properties -> Local Files -> Verify integrity of game cache…

If it does not work afterwards try to contact the support probably.
Good luck!
4gear Apr 23, 2013 @ 9:31am 
We've gotten it to work. We just needed to restart the game. The checksum apperantly differs if you've been playing a game and then resign
4gear Apr 23, 2013 @ 9:31am 
Oh and thanks :-D
sounds like a wooosh Apr 23, 2013 @ 10:54am 
Yes, I think that is right.
Enjoy! ;D
supplican Apr 23, 2013 @ 6:45pm 
That's right, and it's deliberate - to make you restart the whole game if you disconnect from an MP session, which aids Mp stability.
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