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『   』 17 апр, 2013 в 11:41
Random wars
Whenever I start i seem to get attacked within the first year. I have had a rebellion when playing as tuskany, a revalution as hungary, the holy roman empire waged war on me when I played as Denmark. Got attacked as ireland by some country way down south and I can't figure out why?
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alexraoul 17 апр, 2013 в 13:05 
Why do you start wars? Some answer.
K1ngFiasco 17 апр, 2013 в 13:56 
Are you creating a custom character each time? If so thats likely why. The create a ruler is kinda broken, you get a huge diplomacy penalty and typically the "rightful" person will try to usurp you and he'll get most of your vassals on his side since to them you just appeared outta nowhere (literally) and assumed the throne when according to the laws and such it should have gone to someone else. Also pay attention to the current diplomatic climate. If there are crusades/jihads happening at the time its easy to get dragged into war.
Nuddle 18 апр, 2013 в 2:22 
You did kinda chose some of the more instable realms, Denmark gets attacked by HRE a lot if not allied with them. Hungary is a very unstable realm, with a lot of claimants and usually in my games atleast end up in a series of wars of inheritence. the irish counts/dukes do wage a lot of war with each other, start as one of the more powerfull of them, and you will always win those. and lastly tuscany and italy in general is a very rebellious and instable part Europe in this period
『   』 24 апр, 2013 в 9:34 
Ok thx k1ng I am playing as a default guy Nuddle you are right but I just uninstalled the game then reinstalled and it seems to work well ( well as it should) And I have acyualy been able to start WITHOUT getting attacked.... well a war did start 3 years in but that was a holy war against some random coutry in the heart of the yellow mass-thing (why the holy roman empire thought that was a good idea I don't know but......) thx again though.
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