Maño78 7. Apr. 2013 um 6:08 Uhr
Cannot declare war because i am "in revolt"
I'm not at war with anyone, i recently had some odd happenings when my original liege was at war, i declared war on him for independence during his struggle, had war declared on me by a neighbour and a third nation, swore fealty to one of them instead, all the wars suddenly cancelled themselves out on my swearing of fealty being accepted, and now i'm at war with absolutely no-one, but i cannot declare because it says i am in revolt.

Is this a bug anyone else recognises? Cheers :)
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MAvL 9. Apr. 2013 um 21:40 Uhr 
You're unable to swear fealty when you're at war, so here's the bug. But sorry, that never happened to me and I can't say what to do
Maño78 10. Apr. 2013 um 1:30 Uhr 
Thanks mate, turns out it cleared itself up with a reload of the game, too many odd war happenings must have busted it for a little while.
-SAST- viramunchi 29. Juni um 7:27 Uhr 
Had it happen to me right now and a regular save/reload fixed it :)
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