OnTheRopes Apr 4, 2013 @ 3:51pm
How do I lay seige
I started in Connaught, Ireland, raised some mercanaries and moved them onto another county. I have over 1500 troops and the garrison has a total of over 500 troops.
Now the mercs just seem to stand their for weeks until i run out of money, nothing seems to happen in the garrison, the size does not reduce and nobody comes out to attack.

So I guess I am doing something wrong? How do I get them to actually lay seige to the garrison, and then the town etc?
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alexraoul Apr 4, 2013 @ 3:57pm 
Did you declare war on the county?
OnTheRopes Apr 4, 2013 @ 4:07pm 
ahhhhhh :-/ that'll be it then mind you i cant find the declare war button eithrer lol
alexraoul Apr 4, 2013 @ 4:14pm 
Click on the county, next to the owner's character portrait there is a conduct diplomacy button, assumming the owner is indepndant and not a vassal you can declare war on him if you have a Cause for War.
OnTheRopes Apr 4, 2013 @ 4:20pm 
I think I have a da Jure claim, at least in diplomacy map the county is yellow. When I click on diplomacy I have no declare war option, the best is 'offer vassilisation'??
alexraoul Apr 4, 2013 @ 4:31pm 
If you hover the pointer over the declare war button it should tell you all the requirements for declaring war and which ones you have and don't have.
OnTheRopes Apr 5, 2013 @ 2:24am 
Thank you alexraoul
Zodiac Apr 6, 2013 @ 4:22pm 
There is a button to push once you lay siege. ONly click on it if you have about 10x the man power and even than sometimes you just get eaten alive. Assaulting is when you realize how crummy your tech level is. ALSO you can right click your way through button's and not have to go to the diplomacy screen. pretty cool been playing 100+ hrs and woth 3 friends just figured it out.
Democratic Erection Apr 8, 2013 @ 2:00pm 
...it took over ONE HUNDRED HOURS, and you needed THREE FRIENDS?! It's right there! In bright blue! /facepalm
James009 Apr 25, 2013 @ 1:10am 
Nice guy.

Also, keep in mind that the person needs to be the leader of the people you are trying to attack. You cannot declare war on and invade someon's vassal as they are protected by their lord. You have to declare war on the lord.
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