Crusader Kings II
Slawic underpowered?(old gods)
I played a little "Old Gods" with a slawic county, formed pommerania very quick and took a big bite out of Lituania, but always when my King dies all my levies wil start a war against me. and when i say all my Levies, i mean even every count. Every ♥♥♥♥♥ing time.. And if i can reform the slawic religion, the HRE/East francia will attack me every 5 years. What shall i do? This isn't fun anymore, when you lose everything you build up the last 5 hour in just the next second.
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first. you are playing an unreformed pagan, you know how they rule? through power. when your king dies you get a lovely -45 opinion because you have yet to prove yourself. the best way to fight against such things is either A) get a standing army (Legacy of Rome DLC) or B) get a lot of gold before hand and start paying ppl. of course if all else fails you could always teach your own kid so that you can control what he gets so that ppl wont hate you as much. also nothing is "underpowered" i can start out in a single county in europe anywhere and become a king in normally 1-2 generations. if you want something truly "underpowered" i say play as a zoroastrian and enjoy being sandwiched between sunni,orthodox, and tengri nations all around you (ITS REALLY HARD BUT CAN BE DONE)
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the thing about zoroastrian you got to holy war your muslims nextdoor fast and once you get to arab empire your either have to butter up emperor till a civil war happens or have enough troops to counter that 20k levies he will send your way. And that empire got to be destoyed and capital moved when that horde shows up near 950 or so.
well yes but the thing is holy warring anyone allows them to have allies, when the zoroastrians have no religous allies
That's the price to pay for having permanent CB's against every outer religion.(Gose for all Pagans)
Hmm....I should try zoroastrians.
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