Basso May 12 @ 11:39am
Classic CK2 WTF moment.
So I was just killing the HRe Emperors to skip truce timers when I noticed I had no Holy war CB against the new Emperor... after inspection I noticed he has become a Finnish Suomenusko. Only explanation I have is that I managed to capture him in a siege and he then converted in jail, and got released after the war ended. At first I tried to kill him, but then decided to spare him since he is converting his counties and vassals to Suomenusko. He will probably get overthrown soon though, since he is currently facing 3 revolts.

Feel free to post if you have also experienced similiar WTF moments :P
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Corrupted Sanity May 12 @ 3:11pm 
I was playing as a Hindu in the middle of India, and had managed to break free of my liege and form a kingdom. I had control of some costal provinces so I decided I would sent them out and raid the Muslims for some extra cash. But when I landed the troops, nothing happened.

It turned out that the Saffarids had converted to Hindu and were actually holding their own against the Muslims. If I recall correctly (deleted the save file after getting that revolt bug :P) they had an Indian culture at that point too.
They pretty much held the Persian empire in territory and were pushing into the Caliph's land
Basso May 12 @ 9:26pm 
Sounds awesome. Byzantium could probably ahd destroyed the muslims with their help.
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