Feathil May 12 @ 11:19am
Save files issue, big problem!
Hi ppl,

I'm having a HUGE problem with my save files. Well...to be fair there's no problem with them because...they're not there anymore. I've look at the paradox folder for save games and the only thing there are save files prior the 2.1 patch. After that, it doesn't matter how many games I start or save....there will be all gone next time I run the game. It's quite strange because I can see and use the new save files that I create during my current gaming period but...as I said, the next time that I'll play the game they'll be all gone. It's also the same for "cloud files". Any help???
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Supplican May 12 @ 9:55pm 
Are you saying BOTH local saves and cloud saves disappear? Hard to see how that's possible ... !
Feathil May 13 @ 12:37am 
Yeah, there's nothing there when I'm trying to load saved games. Yesterday I've re-installed the game and the same thing but now, at least, old ironman saves that are saved at the cloud are there but...not the others. The only thing I can think about it is that it has something to do with mods but...i'm using mods only from the steam workshop so it shouldn't be the case. I'm very very frustrated because the game is useless if I can't save....and I've played more than 340 hours so I really love this game!!
Supplican May 13 @ 4:01am 
Some mods save games in their own sub-directories - could that be what you're seeing? Have you gone looking for the save filenames in Wndows Exploere?
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