Grort Feb 12 @ 1:04pm
How do you mod it so that you can change who rules what?
How do you change what character ingame rules a de jure kingdom you've made?
I've changed the k_scotland file to make a seperate k_gaelic file (aiming to make a Scottish Gaelic kingdom as I learn to mod), but this seems to only change the de jure kingdoms. How do I make this into an actual kingdom you can choose on the map? For instance, make it so the Duke of Moray is king of my de jure k_gaelic
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ShadoWwolF Feb 12 @ 1:33pm 
if you go to history and then titles theres a little file for every title that defines who held/holds that title and at what date their reign begins. it can also define the laws of that title at a certain date. you'll need to set a character as the holder of the title for the start date you plan on using
Grort Feb 13 @ 9:44am 
Thank you, that helped alot
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