Hell Raiser Feb 12 @ 1:43am
Religion problem
So I converted my entire country to orthodox religion. Unfortunately my character died month later and my hier is my norse son. How can I change he's faith?
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Kangxi the Snaek Feb 12 @ 2:02am 
Have him educated by a courtier or vassal that follows the same religion. He'll eventually convert to that religion. Careful though, he may also change culture as well.
Hell Raiser Feb 12 @ 2:28am 
Well, there's a problem. He is 40 years old and because he was abroad I was unable to convert him with my old character.
Koro Feb 12 @ 3:53am 
Have your religion counsellor be orthodox and hope for the best, there is an event where he will trye to change your faith, perhaps you will get it.
Otherwise, when you have a new heir, have him taught by someone who is gregarious and have the orthodox faith, since that increases the chances of children switching faiths/cultures.
Kageryuu Feb 12 @ 3:55am 
If you're pagan having an Orthodox wife could also do the trick. Not sure if that works in your situation too, but at the very least it won't do any harm...
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