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Did anyone tried making a second copy of IronMan save?
Awrite, so, my story goes like that: I'm playing as Byzantium. I'm approaching year 1100 and I'm already close to reclaiming old imperial borders - only some duchies in Spain and England remains. Also, I've already conquered Nubia, Mesopotamia, Alania, Taurica, Wallachia, Germany, half of Hungary, parts of Ireland and Persia. I'm making my push right now into the Slav lands of Pomerania, Bohemia and Poland.

So, honestly, not much left to do for next three and half centuries...

Sure, I can play to conquer the whole map. Then, I was thinkin... honestly, "Neo-Roman" Emperors couldn't care less about cold, barren lands of Scandinavia or vast steppes of Asia. While surely, after achieving success after success, somebody sooner or later would bring out the idea of repeating the achievements of Alexander himself; to claim the lands of Persia once again for Greek culture. And go further, where Alexander has failed - into India.

(also, slow encroachment into Scandinavia, claiming one title after another, or running my a.s.s. around the emptiness of Rus ain't looking like fun to me, esp. after my previous game, where I already've done it ^^)

Anyway, ad rem: my idea is to copy the save file for this game; keep playing right now the game as it goes; but when the Raja's DLC (and the accompanying patch) hits the shores, insert the copied (and renamed) save into the game, and play again since 1100, this time pushing my GrecoRoman armies towards India.

My only hesitation is, whether it won't corrupt my game (one or another)? Will it work? Or will CK2 say that "you'd altered this savefile, no more game for you"?

Has anyone tried doing this?

Thanks in advance for any response!
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ShadoWwolF Feb 11, 2014 @ 11:42am 
old save games likely wont be compatible with the new patch in the first place. every other time there has been a map change it has broken old save games. usually the new provinces show up but without characters and cant be claimed. and if they alter existing counties itll screw up the characters in your save game that currently hold those counties
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