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Greyvaris Feb 10, 2014 @ 8:09am
Troubles with Dwarfs
My older, half brother dwarf, is making my realm very shaky. He never was happy that his genius younger brother became king instead of him and has been making trouble ever since. Tried to be nice, but i'm going to have him killed if he doesn't quit it.

Constantly making factions and scheming. He should be named Tyrion.

Not seen another dwarf in 300 years of gameplay.. they seem quite rare.
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Barry White Feb 10, 2014 @ 8:21am 
just kill him if hes making trouble :D i swear i kill more of my own family than anyone else, i hust have killed 1000s of grandchildren by now.

(also if its a joke im sorry everyone i dont get it - ignore me)
Greyvaris Feb 10, 2014 @ 8:26am 
Family has given me so much trouble. Think i just need to have an heir, a spare or two.. then marry everyone off,... byzantine empire looks good... far enough away from Ireland.

After starting my line with a very shaky 5 daughters and no sons,.. i have a line of kings that all have lived into their 70's. Last guy lost his mind when his 20 something wife died in childbirth.
Barry White Feb 10, 2014 @ 9:32am 
i tend to find a large family makes things more unstable so try to only have 1 or 2 sons (if you manage to only have 1 you can keep gavelkind with none of the drawbacks :D) be careful allying with powerful folk because they can end up calling you into big wars with places like france, hre and england.
Usually allying with byz is ok because they are busy with the muslims and you can join war without actually helping but the alliance doesnt really help you. Daughters seem to be mostly useless (except for zoroastrians - yay inbreeding :D) unless you can ally yourself with someone simmilar size to you in your region who you dont plan on killing (say scotland, then they can be helpful in taking out england).
Just do it secretly, so you won't get caught. After all, if he's Tyrion, you're supposed to be "Kingslayer", not without "g" in name :>

Originally posted by UltimateHobo:
Daughters seem to be mostly useless

Veto! Daughters can be pretty good for keeping yourself on good terms with lesser vassals. While he's not big enough to try pushing his bride (possible) claims, he won't also factionalize or plot, as he's more than happy to be your partner.

Besides, daughters can be used to extent your realm! Marry her matrilineary to the third son of some duke, kill his two earlier sons and voila! In next generation you may ask your nephew to became your vassal. Or...if you won't manage to kill everyone on your way... ask your grandson/nephew to your court, than push his claim. Since he's of your dynasty, he shall become your vassal. In my current Byzantium game, I just got the whole Italy that way - single succession war, tadam! whole kingdom in my neat flock ^^' Sure, it was then frequently shaken by civil wars, but that happened already under my yoke.

Third, you can try marrying your daughter matrilineary to some nice ...and, what is more important, genius lads. Only be sure that kiddo is nowhere near succession, marry him to your lass and let them have kids. One or two may have some good traits. Since they will be really low in succession line, they won't pose a big threat, yet, they may be a source for councillors or generals.
Barry White Feb 10, 2014 @ 10:31am 
i dont know how to do the matrilineal claims thing because ususally i have the holy war CB (i have only played as spain, pagan norway and zoroastrain). though as spain i did somehow manage to claim the kingdom of england which was nice so i suppose if you could learn how to do that then they would be good but mostly they seem to just make me useless allies.

Oh and plot to kill him, diplomacy assassinate sucks.
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