Hinnom Feb 9 @ 4:34pm
The reason why this is my new favourite game - Count to King in one generation.
So, I bought this game Friday, been playing it non-stpo ever since, and on my like, second playthrough, I started as the Count of Hereford, in England, under William the Conqueror. I became his marshall, and he granted me the Duchy of Gloucster, and I served him faithfully for many years, as I pushed into Wales and served my King. He then died, and i served his oldest son as Marshall. He was then taken off of the throne, killed in battle, and his younger brother became king, I also serving him as Marshall. A civil war broke out, in which the younger brother of him was vyign for the crown, which I let run it's course, and the younger brother won, and can you guess it... Yeah, I became HIS Marshall. After that, a war for the older brother to reclaim the throne was started, with him becoming King, but just 13 days later, dying, so a random Child of the Normandy family became King.

Realising I had had enough with Petty wars, I pressed my Wife's claim, who was the Princess of Denmark, on England, and she became Queen. I then assassinated her, but not before she changed the succession to Elective, Dammit! So, with soem intense diplomacy, I had to get my son to be instilled as King, which he was,and then change the succession law with him to allow my dynasty to rule... And this all happened in 40 years, with just 2 characters!

I've certianly become addicted to how wrapped up you get in the game, and it's such a fun experience, I can't wait to see where the game takes me from here, with my son now as the heir to England, and Aragon.
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MedimTek Feb 9 @ 9:01pm 
Nice story :D
CK2 has also been my favourite game, and the only game I've been playing, since I bought it a couple of months ago.
Doge Feb 11 @ 8:36pm 
hi do you play with the DLC?
Hinnom Feb 12 @ 8:15am 
I bought the Edition with a lot of the DLC on, because it was on the Humble Bundle sale, the one that should cost like $70, I got for $20, so I playu with whatever is on that :-)
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