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F1 Race Stars - All locked Shortcut and Key locations
by DonSeismo
Each track in F1 Race Stars has some smaller and one big shortcut, which gives you a huge advantage during a race. Initially the shortcut is locked and only the player with the key can enter it. This videoguide shows you where to find the keys and shortcu...
How to put it in 1920x1080 or any native resolution you can't select.
by Δ👽 Louna 👽Δ
Since this haven,t been patched by Codemasters, this is the workaround to play the game in any resolution you can't select despite being native ones. I made the tutorial mainly for 1080P but just use a resolution twice bigger than yours with same aspec...
F1 Race Stars - All Shortcuts for the Shortcut Expert Achievement
by DonSeismo
This videoguide shows all shortcuts in the game that are required for the the "Shortcut Expert - Take every shortcut in the game" achievement....
How to make Jump Boost
by jakubkciuk
Most players know how to load the KERS and not muscled booster jump start I know the solution to jump start booster In some tracks, we find jumps and ramps or attractions that we fly all the way down. When you are in the air all the time key press o...