Fortune Summoners: Secret of the Elemental Stone
Fishyond 2012年11月26日上午10:40
Overlay since I want to take screenies
Anyone managed to get the overlay working? I tried to manually add the folder 760\remote\203510\screenshots\thumbnails but still can't find my screenshots on steam.
Thanks for reading.
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dunsparce 2013年1月3日上午8:22 
I've the same issue.
Temewabakadayo(no sound640x480_) 2013年6月12日上午6:21 
my overlay dosent work also
Diogeno 2013年6月17日下午12:38 
For me it doesn't save them there but:
C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Fortune Summoners\user
Check there
Maeleigh 2013年7月25日下午7:41 
I am also having issues with the overlay working. Just started playing today and I went to Shift+Tab to continue my conversations and nothing pops up at all.. If I wanted to Alt+Tab out every time I want to talk I'd buy games elsewhere... I buy them on steam soley for the ability to chat while in game and it not working is rather annoying..
Edgar Rubio Rodilla 2013年7月25日下午9:44 
I'm not having any problem using DXGL and Big Picture.
Quint S. Akemi 2013年9月28日上午6:12 
I think the lack of Steam overlay for some people is a known issue. I didn't get the overlay either, too. I don't know when it'll get solved though.

If you want more responsiveness you might want to bug Carpe Fulgur on their forums. Though it might also involve getting the dev himself (Lizsoft) to bugfix this.
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kaaschuig 2013年12月12日下午7:48 
I just started playing (I downloaded it a long time ago but never got around to playing it until today)... it seems for me every time I try to go to the overlay it just closes the game instead... and steam tends to act very weird afterwards... like no images in the steam store or community for example... or maybe that's my internet connection.
kaaschuig 2013年12月12日下午7:52 
Just did the verify thing... now it seems it just closes the game... don't know if the issue with the store was due to the game or not.
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