Ouroboros 2012年11月22日 16時51分
ntdll.dll error =/
this is the only game that gives me this error, so it's not hardware related, i already tried verifying the cache and re-installing....

anyone know what else can i do?
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Chris Eilander.nl 2012年11月23日 0時07分 
Does it says it is missing? Which Operating System do you use?
Ouroboros 2012年11月23日 9時03分 
i use windows 7 and no, it's in the middle of the game and the game just crashes (sotes.exe stoped working window). If you go to the details of the error it says that crash was on ntdll.dll

my specs are good enough hto play games like borderlands 2 and darksiders 2, so it's not hardware.

also disbled all joysticks i had, and the game still crashes. i don't have the foggiest idea what it could possibly be.
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Ouroboros 2012年12月2日 4時27分 
i think i fixed it, i uninstalled all controllers i had listed on the "Devices and printers" window, i had a normal non-Ximput controller and a Wiimote, i didn't had a crash in more than 2:30 of play since!
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