Fortune Summoners: Secret of the Elemental Stone

Xbob42 2012年10月23日 23時08分
Why is the game so ungodly LOUD?
I love this game, have beaten Recettear and Chantelise before playing it. I like to listen to podcasts while playing these games BECAUSE THAT'S WHAT I LIKE TO DO OKAY YOU CAN'T HOLD ME DOWN CUBICLE MAN.

Anyway, even on the lowest setting that isn't mute (1 - Quiet) in the options, this game is louder than ANYTHING ELSE ON MY COMPUTER. What the hell? I can't hear anything but the game when I'm playing. And if I leave it on the highest setting it blows out my ear drums.

Is there a way to lower the volume further without muting it? I like to hear it, just not louder than God screaming at you across a parking lot.
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Mahuloq 2012年10月31日 1時48分 
You would have to use your windows sound controll, you can lower each program seperatly.
Xbob42 2012年10月31日 7時26分 
Yes, I learned how to do that specifically because of this game! I literally never had to use the mixer before, but I am so grateful it is there. I figured it out before you mentioned it, but thanks for the advice anyhow!
Liro Raeriyo 2013年1月3日 1時04分 
loud? i thought it was pretty quiet
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