Sänders 2012年8月16日 12時55分
Let's discuss this game.
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Atelier iZUN's Trip 2 2012年8月16日 20時06分 
Shush go over to greenlight and vote for a sequel instead
Pache 2012年8月17日 0時26分 
Huh? There is sequel in production?
Sänders 2012年8月17日 1時43分 
Visual iZUN: Planet Scanning の投稿を引用:
Shush go over to greenlight and vote for a sequel instead

We can't use Greenlight yet...
KLONOA WORKS 2012年8月22日 17時52分 
is there a way to save the game at anytime ? I must go far then I can save .
Talcon 2012年8月30日 11時20分 
Delicious lolis
Lexxidon 2012年9月1日 14時53分 
How much time you spent to beat the game?
Buffalo1NY 2012年9月7日 22時28分 
what a fun game!
ErebusXanti 2012年9月11日 3時10分 
My first reaction to this game was well it's cute and cuddly at first with the dialouge and hidden innuendo, but then I reached the shrine in town and got my ♥♥♥ handed to me and. The characters are interesting and funny, classic anime style jokes. The story is a little too predictable just from what the cause and effect is, but still I couldn't help but laugh at this cute game's difficulty.
FrozenFire 2012年9月12日 20時53分 
I spent 30+ hours on this game becuase I searched everywhere to make sure I didn't miss a thing (I'm one of those completionists). It's a good game. The flying rabbit-like guy was a little too cute for me, but I liked pretty much everything else. Had some good laughs in the story too. If there is ever a sequel, I will buy it for sure. Unfortunately, it doesn't seem likely, as this game hasn't sold well enough. For sad!
2012年9月17日 17時24分 
Zem 2012年9月18日 15時40分 
For anyone that can read/translate, http:// lizsoft. jp/ is the dev/company website, and http:// lizsoft. jp/fs/ the FS page.

My opinion of this game? Awesome. The combat could do with some more variation in attacks (Yes, I KNOW that there are a dozen or so different combinations, but nothing really makes them unique...except for like 4, including the fly kick (Which also doubles as a faster way to move/run if you can repeat it without delay)) ...but is otherwise flawless. I'm almost sad that the AI Arche can out-combo my Arche, but I get hit a lot less -- I'm partial to playing Stella, though it varies.

My only real complaints? No co-op (This game would be PERFECT with it), and only local versus... Oh! And no sequel, naturally. It really needs one. Also that it ends too soon, even at...20? 30? hours in.
AtomicToyRobot 2012年9月21日 12時55分 
Anyone else think this game at points is stupidly hard? I cant react fast enough to the enemies around me and just keep dying. Who ever programmed the enemy AI is a ♥♥♥♥.
Omegadom 2012年10月8日 16時40分 
I find myself thanking the AI-controlled characters quite a lot. >_< The AI is probably better than I will ever be at reacting to enemy movements, and I probably never would have beaten it without them. Ha!

That said, I had a blast with this game. Reminded me of Megaman Zero in a good way.
I can't wait for the sequel!
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FrozenFire 2012年10月8日 21時45分 
@ MadMadScotsman: I hate to break it to you, but it's extremely unlikely that there will be a sequel. This game is actually fairly old (2007-ish?). If you go to the Lizsoft webpage (translate via Google if you can't read Japanese), there is nothing to hint at a sequel. Carpe Fulgar simply came along, saw Lizsoft's game, and decided to work with Lizsoft to get the game to the US. From what I hear, "Lizsoft", which is technically one man, has ended his career as a game developer as of a few years ago, because the game did not sell well in Japan. D:
I'd love to see a sequel as well, but I think there's more hope for a fan game to be made rather than an official game... and that isn't exactly good news (if you know how fan games tend to go). :/

If you really want more FS, then maybe you can hunt down the Deluxe edition, which has a few extra things, only it was never released in the US. I believe there are ways to translate the Deluxe edition, but I could be wrong.

It really is a sad thing when such a great game leaves itself so open for amazing new story and gameplay, yet can't complete what it started.
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Medic Chevko stalkin' your games 2012年10月16日 13時39分 
For those wondering how to save, since one person posted about it up there, you save through the Inns. Option to rest OR save then after Resting you're given an option to save.
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