Fortune Summoners: Secret of the Elemental Stone
Akimaye Hiroyorih Jun 5, 2013 @ 10:09am
This had to have been one of the most solid action RPGs I ever played.
I didn't play the Steam version, but since there's a community here.. I might as well say it.

The game has a few problems, sure. My biggest issue was the backtracking, and block puzzles. Everything else? Very good! I didn't even mind the lack of maps either as the shapes of zones were different. (The recycling of map textures was kinda bad though)

My favorite thing about the game is the battle system. Even on Easy Mode, the AI does not play any tricks and plays smart. And it really surprised me. Enemies cancel spells, they dodge, they counter, and some even have a variety of attacks that cover various angles(short range, long range, anti-air, unblockable overheads, and more). And what makes this interesting is that you and your party have those same exact options, so battles really became a game of complex rock-paper-sciccors. Almost like a fighting game.

I was really addicted to this since I've never in my life seen this kind of attempt done in an ARPG. It's something I've always dreamt of since I think action RPGs seriously lack in mechanics that prevent battles from feeling too one-sided(it's either you are too strong, or the enemy casts this BS thing that can oneshot you).

Another thing I liked, though very minor, is the reward for exploration. I recall when Stella's chapter started, she mentioned taking a few sidetrips before going after the Wind Seal. It was at that moment I recalled remember a room in the Wind Shrine where torches were unlit... and figuring Stella was a fire mage, I put two and two together and went ahead and experimented. It was amazing! The game rewarded me with a sweet dagger! Sure, an NPC did hint a special dagger in that shrine, but it feels great when exploration reeks loot like that.

And finally, I just love the characters. I'm not a big fan of the artstyle used in the official art, but ingame? I just want to hug everyone and I can't help it. The Dark Witch even has a soft place for me.

Overall solid game. It's just really saddening what happened with the developer for this game. I mean, the indie scene (audience wise) in Japan is already pretty small. And due to certian factors, marketing a game like this in the west presentation wise is uncanny and not assured to be a sucesss. It's a cruel fate, and it isn't really anything new either. Even so, I'm glad this game was made and I'm glad I had the chance to play it. It's flawed, but it has alot of charm.
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RKuzunohaFan Jun 11, 2013 @ 6:42am 
You should try Fate/Extra if you haven't already.
The combat is Rock Paper Scissors plus spells(which can be defended against.
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