Lord Chaos 2013년 3월 6일 오후 9시 22분
How to get to Fastland
I can't seem to find any way to get to Fastland, nor can I figure out where that pile of rocks I am supposed to blow up are. :( Any help would be appreciated.
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Roundpixel 2013년 3월 26일 오전 6시 40분 
You get to fastland by using a ship in the usual manner. i.e. press the steering wheel on top of th window on the right when on a ship. The rocks are not hard to find, but I don't remember exactly where they are (blocking a sort road behind which is a characer).
paulkaline 2013년 9월 7일 오후 5시 26분 
When you leave the village go out near the sawmill and go up the mountain. Do not enter the snowy part but follow the road to the next valley - the rock pile is in the valley
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