King's Bounty: Warriors of the North

King's Bounty: Warriors of the North

kazalas 2013年2月3日上午5:34
BAD BUGG !! Damage 0!! Complete unit died!!
During battle for example a unit get poisoned, later he gets "0 damage" by poison and the complete unit died. Or an enemy does geysir. It also happend that a unit get "damage 0" and the complete unit dies! Knows somebody this problem? Has somebody a solution? It makes no fun to play with this error.
... this error apears sometimes... not always...german version...!
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Warrick 2013年2月3日下午3:16 
I'm seeing the same issue in the NA version. Sucks. That and Crista's Gift not working.
hitmanash 2013年2月18日下午2:51 
Same here, NA version. I haven't played for a few months and never had the problem, I played today and it happened twice from enemy spells in about an hour. Once from fireball and once from Ghost blade, so it seems to be ANY enemy spell.
Warrick 2013年2月18日下午6:21 
Well they fixed Christa's Gift. And the whole unit dieing is only when there is an effect on the unit (it's poisoned or on fire etc) so it probably wasn't the Ghost Blade that did it. Regardless, finished the game and I've moved on.
Corso 2013年3月10日下午1:56 
same problem here :( too many bugs for a game which is just another expansion :(
hitmanash 2013年3月10日下午7:56 
I mean I'd LIKE to finish it and buy the inevitable expansion that will come out...but with a game breaking bug? I'll have to pass. I honestly can't remember the last time I played a game that had a game breaking bug in it that was this bad. The chest-spell not working? Ok that stinks. A whole stack of units basically dying for no reason and you can't prevent it? Ok that's a problem.
red255 2013年3月13日上午9:09 
Didn't happen to me on my first playthru.

had it happen a couple of times I think related to one of the rune magic spells negation

but go ahead be a drama queen. everyone LOVES that.
ansu 2013年10月8日上午11:20 
Exactly the same in my russian version, hardly any battle is going without my unit (sometimes a couple of them!) getting wiped out. :( At first, I even thought it was kind of a feature, but there was no especial message, just 'got damage 0'. Awaiting for the patch...
SentosKarum 2013年10月13日上午8:13 
Just found that Keeper fights are really fun with this bug.

How did this even go live with such an bug ? It's not acknolwedged as bug even.
Theduke22 2013年12月5日上午11:43 
I can't believe this bug has been around for a year and no one has done anything to resolve it.
s00pa 2013年12月20日下午9:58 
hear hear. I was just accepting this bug and reloading when it happened but after doing the same battle 3 times and having the same thing happen.. This is ridiculous.I've been a big fan of the series and would love it to continue but this bug is ridiculous!
Damian 2014年3月2日上午8:05 
impossible to play with this bug... fix it immediatly for god's sake!
MaxGiao 2014年3月10日下午4:32 
Any word from the developers regarding this?, just happened to me 4 times during the same battle, i normally just revive my troops with magic when it happenes, but this is just too much.
Warrick 2014年3月10日下午7:47 
Well, play around the bug. Remove units that poison or leave an effect. Trap them whatever. Nuke the crap out of them. This is NOT going to get fixed at this point. I managed to finish the game fine without it. Yeah, every once and a while I'd lose a stack but it's not like you can't get around it.
king 2014年3月19日上午7:18 
Play arround the bug? the fu** dude, i want to have fun and not be annoyed by a game! It happens to me every battle so i simply cant work arround it! :(
I mentioned the bug to the developers a year ago, still no fix. I WONT buy the DLC then for sure....!!
最后由 king 编辑于; 2014年3月19日上午7:19
zini4_tha_grunt 2014年3月19日上午11:09 
Hello, guys. Can some1 provide a gamesave with descripted bug, please?
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