homasho Jan 2 @ 4:10pm
I have the information on the island of Merlassar. I now would love to find the healer on Merlassar, to help the elf girl. But how do get to Merlassar.

I acnnot find a teleport nor does my ship compass allow me to go there.

PLEASE, help me.
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Andrey Jan 2 @ 4:34pm 
After the first battle with Gilford and resetting of Arlania location the ships in Arlania stop working (it's probably a bug).
Solution: buy a new ship (in Greenwort), don't use old (broken) ships and never board on a ship in Arlania.
homasho Jan 3 @ 4:08pm 
Hi Andrey, it worked. There must be a bug, because, henever I return to Arlania, no Kompass shows on any ship. Once back in Greenwort, no problem.

But I have another problem: It's the Ent-quest. How and where do I find the places to sow the seeds. I have run around Westling and the funny Island with the double name, I cannot see a place anywhere. Alright, this quest is not important, but I still like to do them all.

Again Thanks for your fast help with the shipping !!
Andrey Jan 3 @ 4:43pm 
I made a screenshot of such spot in Werlon Wasteland (south). But the seed is already planted. To plant the seed you need to click on a small brown heap.
The second spot is on the north of Vestlig near Runvald the Prothet.
And the third is on the west of Riftland near the "Witch's house".
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