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How to switch off DLC maps
by (+[Coffee]+)
Welcome back guys. We get asked this question quite a bit in both the main Tomb Raider forums and in the Steam Group. This short how to video shows "how to" switch off/disable any DLC maps you may have installed. I hope this has been helpful so pleas...
Multiplayer - How to mute a player
by (+[Coffee]+)
This is a quick how to video to show you "how to": mute a player's microphone whilst in the game. You can do this before the match starts by clicking on their name in the lobby and from the next screen selecting "MUTE" and then "BACK". Now, if the game ...
How to play Multiplayer - the Basics
by BestNoob
Just a few Basics because so many people ask things like "How to play Multiplayer"...
How to hunt animals?
by Like a damn fiddle!!
How to hunt different animals in Tomb Raider...
Challenges: "Illumination" and "Egg Poacher" (Mountain Village)
by Dark Angel
Challenges is a side tasks in game. They not required to complete storyline, but they required to finish game on 100% and to achieve "Inconceivable!" achievement. To complete this two you need to collect the eggs and ignite altars....
True Commitment and Shopaholic savegame achievements
by Mora2403
My savegame and a full explanation on how to get True Commitment and Shopaholic achievements in 5-7 min ...
Cheat code to get Lara naked.
by DerpElite
Ok, we were supposed to keep this very quiet so parent wouldnt get upset- But i dont give a damn!...
Tomb Raider Tombs Walkthrough ( All Secret Tombs)
Following my previous guide (playthrough), I decided to make one here for The Secret tombs, the guide consists of videos with Commentary with Subtitles if needed. More Details: 1- 8 Videos in 1080HD, describing the map location for ...
Как найти все секреты и пройти испытания.
by Genji
Испытания в Tomb Raider — неотъемлемая часть игрового процесса. На протяжении всего пути Лара Крофт и ее команда будут бороться за выживание, чт...
TR MineSweeper Challenge Guide
by Chaz
A short Guide to show the locations of each Mine in **Tomb Raider (2013)** MineSweeper Challenge. The Map Location for this Area is known as "[url=