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Tomb Raider: Complete All Challenges
by Henrimagne
This guide covers all 13 challenges of the game. It consists mainly of MAPS and SCREENSHOTS taken in-game, accompanied by bits of commentary to explain what is shown and to give hints about specific situations. The simple layout prominently features vit...
Tomb Raider. 100% получение всех достижений
by Sakura
Получение всех достижений в игре. Описание процесса и метода их получения....
Setting up graphics, understanding detail.
by Ireth Tassartir
For all them users who have semi high end computers and want to look at best what they can get and yet have no impact on performance....
Tomb Raider - История Серии ☠ ツ
by |Fioh| BiOS
☠ Tomb Raider (рус. Расхитительница гробниц) — серия компьютерных и видеоигр в жанре action-adventure, фильмов, комиксов и книг, рассказывающих о прик...
Часто задаваемые вопросы Tomb Raider
Часто задаваемые вопросы Tomb Raider. (FAQ), спорные моменты, острые темы тут. ...
Maximizing XP Farm on Solo Rescue Mode
by Yopt
A quick way to earn 30k exp per run while farming multiplayer Rescue Mode solo....
Faster Movement - Getting Around
by (・へ・)
So you finished the game and now you're scouring the entire game for relics, documents, GPS caches and whatnot. You're done ogling Lara's amazing TressFX hair and just want to get from point A to B faster. Or maybe you just think she move...
True Commitment and Shopaholic savegame achievements
by Mora2403
My savegame and a full explanation on how to get True Commitment and Shopaholic achievements in 5-7 min ...
Tomb Raider_Прежние обитатели
by Alegry Win
Сжечь 4 плаката прежних обитателей в локации Бункер на скале....
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