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Как найти все секреты и пройти испытания.
by Genji
Испытания в Tomb Raider — неотъемлемая часть игрового процесса. На протяжении всего пути Лара Крофт и ее команда будут бороться за выживание, чт...
Achievements and Multiplayer XP Boost
by Ninja Sakura
This is a guide to explain how to get all the Tomb Raider Achievements. Also the best way to gain XP in multiplayer....
100% достижений в Tomb Raider [RU]. ВНИМАНИЕ: спойлеры.
by Хрю-хрю
Руководство по получению всех достижений в Tomb Raider....
Tomb Raider 100% Complete Walkthrough
by satsit123
100% walkthrough of Tomb Raider 2013, by Roli's Tomb Raider Channel. This Walkthrough features all: *Story *Challenges *Relics *GPS Caches *Documents *Optional Tombs Hope You Enjoy Notes * This was played on PS3, but the walkthrough can be u...
Quick, Easy Multiplayer Tips for Beginners
by Pretentious Pile of Smug Garbage
Quick, easy tips for new players in Multiplayer....
Болтун \ Сейчас рванет!
by Ogden "Shark" Welm
Краткое руководство по получению двух секретных достижений....
Chatterbox savegame (+2 more)
by mFoxRU
Don't want to lose time replaying Tomb Raider just to get this highly missable Chatterbox achievement? You asked for it - you got it. Just grab this save, talk to Whitman, and you'll get it (+ 2 more)...
Tomb Raider- All Secret Tombs
by siL
THIS GUIDE OBVIOUSLY CONTAINS SPOILERS!!! Hey there, this will be a simple guide consisting of videos showing you where the secret tombs are, and how to complete them. You may think, 'Why don't I just search on the internet?' Well because then you h...
Tomb Raider (2013) - The Challenges
by Roli
All of the challanges of the Tomb Raider (2013). Please subscribe on my Tomb Raider Channel! :-) ...
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