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Tomb Raider - All In One
by Plasma SKX
all in one includes 2 missable achievements Chatterbox and Crab Cakes.. All Collectibles GPS, Relic's, Tombs, documents, Challenges!...
Tomb Raider Tombs Walkthrough ( All Secret Tombs)
Following my previous guide (playthrough), I decided to make one here for The Secret tombs, the guide consists of videos with Commentary with Subtitles if needed. More Details: 1- 8 Videos in 1080HD, describing the map location for ...
Tomb Raider Full Playthrough
It’s a full playthrough of the game via 12 Videos 1080HD, with a total playtime of approximately 4 hours. Notes: We've skipped the scenes as long as the game allowed us, and ignored most of the collectibles, because we are just playing the game, fini...
Chatterbox savegame
by mFoxRU
Don't want to lose time replaying Tomb Raider just to get this highly missable Chatterbox achievement? You asked for it - you got it. Just grab this save, talk to Whitman, and you'll get it...
Tomb Raider- All Secret Tombs
by siL music
THIS GUIDE OBVIOUSLY CONTAINS SPOILERS!!! Hey there, this will be a simple guide consisting of videos showing you where the secret tombs are, and how to complete them. You may think, 'Why don't I just search on the internet?' Well because then you h...
Tomb Raider Desafios 100%
by RyM Guías
Guia para la localización y obtención de todos los desafíos del juego Tomb Raider 2013...
Guía de Tomb Raider (2013)
by IvanTRFan
Guía de la campaña principal de Tomb Raider (2013) en español. Incluye todas las tumbas (incluida la tumba DLC del aventurero) y la localización de todos los mapas....
Tomb Raider: Мнение
by λ DGF_74rus
Моё развёрнутое мнение. Все спойлеры замазаны. Скриншоты кликабельны....
Guide vidéo de Tomb Raider (2013) (HD, FR)
by Qwib-Qwib
Lara Croft, jeune archéologue de 21 ans tout juste sortie de l'académie, se met à la recherche d'un ancien royaume perdu japonais, celui du Yamatai, qui fut selon la légende dirigé par la mystérieuse reine shamane Himiko. Partant en expédition à b...
Benchmark - Full Ultra ( Nvidia GTX 680 )
by ★ Nicolas 259 ★
Here is a little benchmark which shows the changes ( increasing, decreasing ) on Tomb Raider's framerate. Voici un petit benchmark qui montre les changements ( montées, descentes ) du framerate de Tomb Raider. -- Note: TressFX is active -- ...
Steam GuideMe - TombRaider - CHALLENGE
by Uriccardo
The first "Steam Optimized" videoguide...
TR MineSweeper Challenge Guide
by Chaz
A short Guide to show the locations of each Mine in **Tomb Raider (2013)** MineSweeper Challenge. The Map Location for this Area is known as "[url=
Let's Survive de Tomb Raider
by Enarpilod.Mp3 '!`
Enarpilod, élu meilleur guide de Tomb Raider Legend, Anniversary et Underworld est de retour avec un playthrough/let's play du dernier né de Crystal Dynamics : Tomb Raider ! Partez à l'aventure à ses côtés dans une série de vidéos commentées par ...
TR Multiplayer - Superweapons
by Xeno
A quick FAQ about superweapons....
Travis Plays Tomb Raider 2013 (Walkthrough/Playthrough): Complete
by Travis
Updated Daily! Join me in helping poor cute Lara Croft find her way off this terrible island in Let's Play Tomb Raider 2013 Reborn Walkthrough / Playthrough . Let's Play Tomb Raider Reborn (Playlist...
多人游戏时一些状态加成(Many people the icon status effect in the game.)
by Mr. 潘
在多人游戏的同时,是否觉得对手很厉害呢? 一起来了解一些多人游戏中会获得的状态吧!...
Achievements and Multiplayer XP Boost
by Ninja Sakura
This is a guide to explain how to get all the Tomb Raider Achievements. Also the best way to gain XP in multiplayer....
FeeFee the Crab
by Grund
To complete the acivement "Crab Cakes" The iconic and the pet from the foruns of Tomb Raider You may need to kill FeeFee ...
How to launch Tomb Raider directly and skip launcher
by Voodooman
This micro guide will help you to get rid of launcher in Tomb Raider 2013, it would not save game from failing to be Tomb Raider or challenging & hardcore survival adventure game, but at least it will be less annoying....
Tomb Raider (PC) - Let's Play Walkthrough - COMPLETE
by ZephyrAM
A commentated gameplay walkthrough for the PC version of Tomb Raider - Survival Edition. Complete run through the game including as many secrets as I can find! Additional content (such as the Lost Tomb) will also be here. Check it out! If you enjoy my ...
Tomb Raider walkthrough [PC (max settings)] [Deutsch] [Schwer]
by isolatedpawn
Ich spiele die PC Version in 1080p Full HD+ (2048x1152) mit allen Grafiksettings auf Maximum (inkl. Tesselation und TressFX für die Haare), deutschem live Kommentar und auf dem höchsten Schwierigkeitsgrad ('Schwer')....
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