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-PERFORMANCE BOOST- Some things everywone should know about Tomb Raider (2013)
by Farid Mohammed
Sorry for my bad german. Here it is: "ULTRA" SSAO setting stands for HDAO, wich is AMD's form of ambient occlusion and causes a big performance loss on Nvidia cards. But even with an AMD card you should NOT set this game's graphics to its maximum s...
Эквилибр/Monkey Around [RU/Bad English]
by Хрю-хрю
Руководство по получению достижения "Эквилибр". Guide to getting achievements "Monkey Around"....
Como encontrar partidas en MULTIPLAYER
Hola amigos de TOMB RAIDER Muchos jugadores, especialmente novatos, tienen problemas de encontrar salas para jugar en modo MULTIPLAYER. Por mi parte (vivo en Central América) casi nunca tenía problemas encontrar partidas para jugar. A continuación l...
How to start a lobby
by (+[Coffee]+)
The first section of this video includes a quick behind the scenes view of 1. a blank lobby, 2. inviting players and importantly 3. keeping the communications flowing up until the game starts. So, after setting up a blank lobby with: Find Match - Free...
How to switch off DLC maps
by (+[Coffee]+)
Welcome back guys. We get asked this question quite a bit in both the main Tomb Raider forums and in the Steam Group. This short how to video shows "how to" switch off/disable any DLC maps you may have installed. I hope this has been helpful so pleas...
Multiplayer - How to mute a player
by (+[Coffee]+)
This is a quick how to video to show you "how to": mute a player's microphone whilst in the game. You can do this before the match starts by clicking on their name in the lobby and from the next screen selecting "MUTE" and then "BACK". Now, if the game ...
How to hunt animals?
by Like a damn fiddle!!
How to hunt different animals in Tomb Raider...
How to play Multiplayer - the Basics
by BestNoob
Just a few Basics because so many people ask things like "How to play Multiplayer"...
Beginners Guide For Tomb Raider
by Valleee #203A
Hey i will make a beginners guide today for beginners in Tomb Raider becuse it's hard in the beginging. I will walkthrough the game :) ...
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