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Orbital 2013년 3월 9일 오후 11시 22분
Mouse Glitch
Has anybody else had an issue with Y axis inversion.

For the last few days the game has been playing fine.

However tonight I start the game up to find that while my mouse is correctly inverted when looking normally, now when I aim, the Y axis switches back to normal, then back to inverted when i stop aiming.

Tried setting Y axis to normal then resetiing back to inverted (with a game restart between changes), restarting the game, and restarting my pc all to no avail.

Anybody else possibly able to suggest a fix for this, as it completely ruins my gaming experiece.
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Wurzelzweig 2013년 12월 10일 오후 12시 49분 
in my case, i can#t turn fully to left right with mouse which is very annoying.
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