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Review from a Raider Fan...I really didn't enjoy this game at all
I'm not the complainer type. I love video games and I appreciate art. When someone puts their heart and soul into designing something, I care and respect them for their passion. I was always a big Tomb Raider fan, no doubt about it...I had to have this game no matter what.

I am displeased with a great deal of elements found in this game. I admit, it is one of the best looking games in terms of a graphical experience that I've ever seen. Ultra settings on my 50 inch HD tv look incredible. I was very happy to see that my Radeon HD6970 2gb handled the maxed out settings with no lag or FPS loss. The game looks and feels very smooth. A really wonderful visual experience, indeed.

Beyond that, how does one like me..."ye gamer of they 90s" ... enjoy this game? I am not sure older fans who played the original Tomb Raider games for days if not weeks on end will enjoy this game. It seems set up for sissies who aren't smart enough to figure out complex puzzles and need to be told exactly where to go. The older Raider games never told you where to go, what to do and how to do it. But, this new reboot does. I was shocked to see the game setup in a linear fashion. It is immensely simple, requires 0 skill to complete and is really straight forward? Dang...the old Lara would kick the new Lara's butt and make fun of her for having it so easy.

So...the Tomb Experience is almost non existent. There are a few very small caverns randomly placed along your journey, yet are so easy, a small child would have no issues completing them. And there really aren't many of them, not every base camp area has one. There are only a handful, and each one has no reward for completion. You are met with Lara opening a large box at the end of each Tomb completition, but never get to see whats inside. It left me upset, wanting a serious challenge and actually feeling as though I was cheated and beyond held by the hand the entire time. Almost nothing was put into the puzzle solving experience. How is it God of War ( not a puzzle game ) can have more interesting and challenging puzzles than a Tomb Raider game? Ugh!

Tomb Raider is a reboot and rehash of Lara Croft. It follows in fashion with the majority of Rebooting experiences, they always look better than the original...but most of the time are a sad rewriting of the character that leaves much to be desired. Lara gets bashed around a ton in this game and never uses a medical kit on herself. She should have died from infection within the first few hours of her journey ( LOL ). The game also puts emphasis on the hunting skills, foraging for food by shooting animals...yet you can run through the game damaged and never require food at all to continue onward.

All in all, the game merits a 4/10 for me because of the lack of challenge. While the game looks incredible, the gameplay experience is an Uncharted and Resident Evil 4 rip off with far too many quick time button events...man there was one event early on that didn't tell you what button to press. I had to watch Lara get choked out 20+ times while I mashed and tapped every button one at a time to find the right key. Turns out it was the F key? Um...ok. Maybe next time tell us to press that key since the F key is not attached to an action command at all prior to that event? There are a ton of glitches in this game as well, Lara running through some rope, missing textures...thank The One Above All I had a crash free experience until that Boat scene. One crash in the entire experience...I feel bad for others who crashed often. Yikes. If this is where the Raider games are heading in the future...count me out. I prefer the challenge of the older games and feel that a fusion of the older styling with updated graphics would have been the way to go.

( spoilers below )

P.S. The main villain...that queen chick? She was hyped through the entire game...repeatedly...every 10 seconds Sun Queen this, Sun Queen that...guess what...you never get to fight her! I almost threw my wireless keyboard into my TV screen when the end of the game came around....UGH!!!!
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